Belief systems can often be attacked because of a range of issues. The workshop acknowledges differences and explores a path to healthier inclusive conversations.

Workshop Aim

To support and enable clearer understanding of faith based differences and why these can impact so strongly on people.

Course Details

How do we work together as a single entity from across a spectrum of Faith and Beliefs and of none? For those who wish to claim their right to be spiritual and/or spiritually free, it is necessary to ensure a free space to discuss, understand and agree spiritual differences. Our workshop teaches how to build on respective empowering traditions and commitments as a basis for supporting community dialogue and harmony.

Course Dates

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Workshop Feedback

“I learnt the potential of techniques to empower people to challenge prejudice and that my challenging of oppression can be much less defensive.”

“It is a relatively simple strategy for dealing with a very complex issue.”

“I learned to listen, understand and reflect how I could handle situations better.”

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