Regardless of age, gender, creed or social standing at some time in our life we make mistakes. People may condemn, shame or pour guilt on others which increases defensiveness. Recognising the causality of our behaviours can create openings for change.

Workshop Aim

To acquire the strategies required to respond to varied conflicts in an effective manner. 

Course Details

This is an opportunity to examine feelings of anger, current and past. Are you currently angry about some aspect of a past relationship/s? At some time in the past were you angry about an aspect of a relationship? Do you currently have unresolved anger issues? This workshop will help you deal with those unresolved feelings and begin to create solutions.

Current Dates

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Workshop Feedback

“An enjoyable, valuable, informative process. Very refreshing and liberating. Today, I could not stop talking.”

“The NCBI model is designed to alter attitudes and perceptions before a sensitive situation is encountered.”

“An enjoyable, valuable, informative day. Very refreshing.”

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