Diversity, although a cause for celebration, can raise broad differences in our homes, streets and workplaces. The success of collaboration lies in the early resolution of conflict and the reduction of adverse attitudes.

Workshop Aim

To  acquire  the  tools,  language  and  behaviour  participants  require  to  maintain  positive business and community relationships. 

Course Details

This workshop will develop effective bridge-building skills to reduce work or community related conflicts. We teach people how to identify the underlying issues in any conflict situation and utilise effective communication skills for resolving them and provide the tools to build effective, sustainable relationships in the community.

Current Dates

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Workshop Feedback

“Thoroughly enjoyable and engaging. Made me think and realise I have stuff to give back to the community.”

“It was useful seeing the range of experience and the similarity of the people and how common issues and humour unites.”

“It was good being able to openly celebrate difference and work with diverse groups to challenge injustice.”

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