We are constantly reminded that the collective growth of young people is being hindered by the advent of electronic devices, social media, the rise of polarised politics, and financial uncertainty. Communication and collaboration between families, schools and communities with our young people is paramount in the support of their futures.

Workshop Aim

To acquire the skills, language and behaviour parents can use to empower and enable them to better understand their leadership roles within the family unit.

Course Details

The workshop strengthens parents skills by empowering and enabling them to better understand their leadership roles. We aim to improve the social and emotional skills essential for building young people’s resilience and allowing them to fulfil their potential.

We strengthen parents supporting roles enabling their young people to view themselves in a more positive light. The aim is to influence their self-esteem, their aspirations and the extent to which they can take control of their own lives. In turn this will improve learning, health, and help to develop the resilience and capability to manage the complex transition to adulthood.

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Workshop Feedback

“It has made me aware that my children are people and have just as many needs as me. Thank you.” Rebecca

“A positive impact…it was a reminder of how important parents’ and children’s communication can benefit both in our journey. Thank you!” A.C. 06.10 

“It helped me to define my identity…to define my duty to my child and to identify areas that I am weak in i.e. listening.” C.A. 06.10

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