Our Womanhood workshop explores the contrasting levels of power associated with being a woman in today’s social landscape. Living, working and growing in a world that appears to place a high value on image, the discussions surrounding female empowerment continue to rise within the public domain; with special regard towards young women and school age girls. In addition, the conversations surrounding the achievements of middle-aged and senior women highlight the resistance against social hierarchical constraints.

Workshop Aim

To celebrate being women and challenge some of the stereotypes associated with being a woman.

Course Details

The workshop explores the messages women receive about being female and how that impacts on their multiple roles in society. It considers how we can develop relationships with different cultures amongst peers across differences and through the generations.

Current Dates

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Workshop Feedback

“Empowering, challenging, thought-provoking, educational, emotional, experiential and practical.”  Attendee 01/11

“Very rewarding and uplifting. Please let me know of next course. Loved it.” Attendee 01/11 

“Very information, empowering. Inspiring to go and empower others.” Attendee 01/11 

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