The incredible success of our Manhood workshops highlight how many men don’t partake in opportunities to engage with each other outside social bravado; which distorts our reality of male relationships. With our ever-changing social landscapes, the conversations surrounding what it means to be ‘a man’ are in need of direct discussion.

Workshop Aim

To celebrate being men and challenge some of the stereotypes associated with maleness while providing strong positive support.

Course Details

This workshop explores the images of being male and the impact this have on your family, other individuals and your community. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss with men (young and old) what it takes and means to be male including how to develop and maintain good long lasting relationships.

Current Dates

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Workshop Feedback

“Meeting like-minded men that want to do something to improve the lives of men and boys within our community.” Attendee 04/11 

“The solidification and beginning of lasting friendships…and brotherhood.” Attendee 04/11 

“Challenged me to think and act more carefully as a man…I need to be connected to strong men for…support.” Attendee 04/11

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