The role of leader can be thrust upon us or can be a position we desire. Too often we overlook how we can all be successful leaders within our workplace, our home-life, or our communities.

Workshop Aim

To develop and enhance leadership skills using a variety of strategies necessary to achieve positive change.

Course Details

This 2-day Leadership Programme teaches how to better understand and be in relationships with people; how to support and lead others and; how to reduce conflicts.

Through interactive exercises, small and large group discussions, and opportunities for self-reflection, participants further develop and enhance their individual leadership style. The experience supports positive change in any setting and address hurt, fear, misinformation and powerlessness.

Current Dates

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Workshop Feedback

“The training showed me so clearly how a small gesture could have a profound effect on an individual and on a group and on me.”

“The workshop has helped me greatly giving me the tools to deal with the things that I didn’t and wouldn’t deal with.”

“More young people should get the opportunity to attend these events.”

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