Following the phenomenal successes over the last 14 years we again present another London’s NCBI community workshop. This one-day participatory workshop allows us to celebrate ourselves as people of London whilst examining the issues that separate us. We will also start the bridge building process. Participants will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of each other’s experiences of differences and the meanings they bring to them. We offer tools enabling participants to recognise and to name unfair treatment and to develop more effective strategies for challenge.

Do you want to gain a better understanding of how to work with power and difference from a people based perspective?
The training will be valuable in the work environment, the community or for self-development.

Are you responsible for the management, productivity and mentoring of people?
The training shows you how to reduce risks and maximise opportunities inherent in any multi-cultural organisation.

Would you like to improve your effectiveness in reducing inappropriate behaviour and bring about sustainable outcomes?
The training offers some introductory teaching and practice of vital skills you require to effectively intervene and shift people’s attitudes for the long-term.

Participants commented

“As an experienced equalities trainer this workshop gave me new insights into working with diversity” “Enjoyed the interaction and the sharing of experiences”. “I now know how to handle my work situation better”. “I am now not afraid to speak my mind and be wrong. I want to get beyond the negative thoughts to find the good”

Planned Dates

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