About NCBI

What is NCBI Training?

NCBI is an organisation that empowers individuals and businesses to embrace diversity and differences by identifying, recognising and celebrating difference.

Our aim is to help remove the discriminatory barriers we face in our lives to create effective, cooperative and productive individuals, communities and businesses. The NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) is an international charity founded in the USA and established in the United Kingdom 29 years ago.

A dedicated team of facilitators throughout the UK, are teaching leadership, diversity and equality skills to enable them to make a difference to themselves, the communities they serve and the wider society they live in.

Working with individuals, groups and public and private organisations, NCBI Training aims to create training environments where everyone is equal, welcomed and encouraged. Where people are confident to speak and where they can be heard and play their full part. This experience and the skills used are taken forward by the individual to effect change in their relationships at home, in the work place
and the wider community.

Our Aims - What do we do?

Our aim is to assist in the creation of personal, social and work environments were equality truly exists: were everyone is welcomed and encouraged to speak and be heard.

Through training the NCBI Training objective is to: 

  • end prejudice and discrimination through raised awareness and skills training 
  • increase personal self-esteem 
  • develop integrated organisations and community leadership
  • teach the principles of positive relationships

NCBI Training, facilitate leadership skills, coalition building, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, prejudice reduction and well-being.

Throughout the UK, or accredited work involving the teaching of leadership and equality skills, equips our attendees to make a difference to themselves and the wider society.

We pride ourselves in delivering constructive and qualitative training that explores current and challenging issues by increasing understanding and providing practical tools for bringing transformation within an engaging, encompassing and enjoyable forum.

Our Approach - How do we do it?

NCBI Training delivers a accredited training workshops to suit the specific needs of individuals, groups and organisations, in the public and private sector. 

We have an inclusive approach towards faith and belief; income, wealth and class; learning ability; mental health; radicalised lifestyle; sexuality in addition to the common identities such as gender, race and age. 

NCBI Training workshops combine the exploration of principles, consequences, values and behaviours of the individual and society with a dialogue on moral issues. Our sessions are receptive, candid and vigorously honest, where required, yet our work seeks to encourage collaboration without violating integrity or self-worth. 

The success of coalition building skills lies in ‘effective intervention’ strategies that strengthen an individual’s ability to interrupt biased behaviour without a complete breakdown in communication. Attendees to our courses will be taught how to build and maintain positive interactions across varying relationship platforms.   

From disarming ice-breakers, to caucus discussions, to whole cohort participation, our course success relies on the involvement of all attendees. Learning and development happens through contribution and respectful mindfulness of others and ourselves.

Our Organisation - Who We Are?

The NCBI Training (National Coalition Building Institute) is an international charity that was founded in the USA. NCBI UK has an established team of facilitators in various locations across the UK who are facilitators committed to empowering individuals and businesses to recognise the benefits of working with diversity; rather than against it.

NCBI’s belief is built on a desire for change leading to the identification and celebration of difference, thereby offering:

  • integration and elimination of adverse behaviours in our communities
  • reduction of costly partisan practises in our businesses
NCBI Training has a long history of working in the UK and since 1984 our organisation has focused on breaking down discriminatory barriers and building teams that reflect our intercultural socio-ethnic communities.

Our Support - How Can We help?

NCBI Training has a wide range of workshops to offer in addition to bespoke training for your equality and leadership purposes. 

We aim to empower and inspire our participants to support themselves, their colleagues, communities and organisations to minimise the harmful effects of adversity.

With mutual understanding, tolerance and patience, communities can thrive to achieve a stronger sense of social engagement.

Our experience and approach for working with active participants encourages self-awareness and exploration leading to strategic decision-making in critical situations. 

We seek to keep families together, bring communities, work-places and strategic work partners together, teach colleagues to be allies and promote the status of personal value.

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