National Coalition-Building Institute (NCBI)

Welcome to the National Coalition-Building Institute. We are dedicated to making a difference to people, communities and society by delivering equalities leadership programs. The work of NCBI includes:

  • ending prejudice and discrimination through raised awareness and skills training
  • developing personal self-esteem
  • developing integrated organisations and community leadership

Our aim is to help us all create organisations and communities where everyone is welcomed, encouraged, able to speak, can be heard and play their full part in the world.

Although this sounds like a serious business, our events are fun, engaging, thought provoking and encouraging. We pride ourselves in delivering training in a constructive and qualitative way.

Our organisation:

  • is built on the will and desire for change with the belief that together we can make a difference
  • includes embracing diversity through identifying and the celebration of differences
  • is breaking down discriminatory barriers that we face in our work communities and society
  • develops intercultural socio ethnic communities by providing transferable skills and building teams that reflect all sectors of society
  • contributes significantly towards eliminating costly discriminatory practises

NCBI is established with over 28 years’ experience of working towards improving and making relationship differences for people. We train people in the skills of leadership, conflict resolution, prejudice reduction, emotional intelligence, well-being, and coalition building. In all our accredited work we seek to increase self-esteem and values whilst eliminating adverse behaviours.

We are fully conversant with and have an inclusive approach towards dialogue relating to faith and belief; income, wealth and class; sexuality; learning ability; mental ill-health; radicalized lifestyle and identity.these are all in addition to the usual identities such as gender, race and age. Most of these are identified and discussed during our workshops. Indeed, our work seeks to teach ways towards understanding, approaching and supporting each other across differences without violating values, integrity and self-worth.

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