National Coalition-Building Institute (NCBI)

Welcome to the National Coalition-Building Institute UK.

Our dedicated and established organisation is committed to delivering equalities leadership programmes that empower people, communities, businesses and society.

  • Does individual self-awareness lead to transformation and mindfulness?
  • Will changing hearts and minds create an inclusive workplace?
  • Can changing minds contribute to increasing profits?

We believe that the answers are yes, yes and yes.  

We provide interactive opportunities enabling collective growth for your employees, for your students, for your neighbourhood, for you.

Workshop Programme

For more information please contact Royston John, Director, NCBI London

Phone: 0844 856 0678 
Mobile: 07811 374074

Use can contact us using the form below. Please use this form to let us know that you would like to subscribe to NCBI UK news and get priority booking information:

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